Your time with us will always be stunningly photogenic given the gorgeous backdrop and good energy, but if you’re here for a wedding or special event, then you’ve already got photo dreams in mind.

We have photographers, videographers, and design professionals.

Meet Allisha


Allisha owns Carmella Art. If your retreat includes photography and/or videography, or if this is your wedding or celebratory ceremony, Allisha and her team will handle all aesthetics including hair & makeup and decorative event design.
While having been in the industry for a decade, with years of wedding and photoshoot experience, Allisha is also a deeply spiritual and explorative Soul. She finds Joy in helping you to best express your true Self in ways unique to You.

All retreat types may book Carmella Art for full photoshoots, partnered with her trusted photographers and videographers.

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Carmella Art partners with gifted creatives throughout Mexico and North America. Follow these two wonderful photographers in the Riviera Maya community:
@giuliavasta_photogrpahy & @horus_photoproject