Tara has a heart for Togetherness.

As excited as you are to embark on your Journey and Discover the Song of Your Soul, Tara is just as excited to meet you! That’s just who Tara is! It makes sense that she would choose this role as Guide and Hostess, someone to answer questions, direct you in the right directions, and keep things moving in the Flow.

Your Guide will serve to be mindful of Connection and Well-Being.

E-Mail Tara at tara@zaojourneys.com



Lorraine Hall, MSW RSW facilitates integration.

It is Lorraine who encourages the safe flow of hearing and sharing when we unpack our ceremonies together.

Lorraine has experience working in health care systems in both Canada and the United States and has a background in two professions, as a registered nurse and as a registered social worker in three settings, hospital, community and private practice. Lorraine has over 25 years of leadership and administrative experience as a Director of Social Work and a Clinical Coordinator and over 30 years of clinical experience briefly in inpatient psychiatry, in outpatient mental health and group therapy, in community agencies, and in private practice counseling.

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Email Lorraine at lorrahm@yahoo.com



Michael is a teacher and a guide.

One dynamic of your Journey might be a mystical one. A spiritual one. In fact, we rather hope so! To that end, your retreat will be ushered in part by a Spiritual Guide. Think of that role as perhaps a minister, or theologian, or philosopher, or monk. Whatever language you like to use, your Guide is there to help investigate questions which may come up during ceremonies, to lead meditations & prayers, and to encourage you as you discover your Soul Song. One such Guide is Michael, and his passion is seeing a person awakening to their true Identity. Having traveled the world, learning and unlearning, teaching and deconstructing, he now finds himself in Riviera Maya, Mexico, holding space for sojourners, psychonauts, theologians, creatives, and aspiring mystics.
Group circles and one-on-one counsel are available during your retreat.

Michael also serves as our wedding officiant and is sometimes available to teach small groups.

Email Michael at michael@zaojourneys.com