Whether someone who loves you encouraged you to research retreats in order that you might heal from some trauma or grief, or if you’ve felt the call on your Heart to enter into a new chapter in your Story, or if you simply feel drawn to reintroduce yourself to YourSelf, we invite you to join other discoverers at any one of our scheduled retreats.

A Focus on Integration

Throughout your retreat, you will be invited to share, listen, and integrate in the context of the group Circle. Here we will unpack what came up for you in your Journeys, be they psychedelic, spiritual, emotional, or borne of meditation. Subsequent to your retreat, some additional Integration Circles will be done via Zoom so that we can all help encourage one another to keep wisely applying and awakening in our respective “irl” worlds.

What does it look like to Discover the Song of Your Soul?

  • Becoming more aware of one’s Self
  • Exploring Consciousness
  • Surrendering griefs, traumas, and unhealthy attachments
  • Detoxing bodily and emotionally
  • Right alignment of Ego
  • Correcting thinking errors
  • Love & Compassion for All
  • Awakening to Oneness

Email us at info@zaojourneys.com to find the right retreat for you.
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A Private Journey

We will coordinate and facilitate your full retreat, complete with any arrangement of our offerings, for your entire community, family, or organization. We even help coordinate your transit. This includes weddings, creative summits, spiritual & health retreats, and more.

For example: A wedding retreat with plant medicine integration, blessing ceremonies, and community building for the week leading up to the wedding ceremony which we decorate, cater, officiate, and provide professional photography & videography and hair & makeup, all on site.

Email us at info@zaojourneys.com to create your retreat.